Ninja Turdle

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Ninja Turdle is officially released!




It's been a long four years of on-and-off development. The more I designed and developed, the more I wanted to keep going. I finally decided at the end of 2018 that this game was finally going to happen and I spent a good chunk of all my free time during 2019 making it happen. This also explains the lack of posts on my blog for all of 2019.

My only regret is that I couldn't spend 10x the time making Ninja Turdle even better. However, the past few years for me have been very busy. It included two company mergers, two new daughters, and a new venture, and a complete overhaul to my physical health.

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I want to thank everyone who helped make Ninja Turdle possible.

I want to first thank Steve Halla the most for helping me brainstorm on Ninja Turdle since conception. Steve also spent countless hours beta testing during a period when there was more pain than pleasure.

We should also thank Steve for volunteering to become infected by parasites. Without the parasites, Ninja Turdle would not have been possible.

Thanks to everyone who has had brainstorm sessions with me, beta tested the game, and in general tolerated my throughout the process.

Thanks to the community for all the great tools that made this possible. Including: LibGDX, Tiled, Aseprite, Pixaki, Procreate, Fruity Loops Studio, and many more.

I finally want to thank my wife Jing for tolerating the endless hours of me being glued to my computer working late into the night. Often into the morning.

What's Next

During this process I learned a lot about game development. Everything from better coding paradigms, to art, to music making.

My immediate plans are to support the release of Ninja Turdle and address any issues that people find, and continually make the game better.

I also discovered the joy of making music while making Ninja Turdle and plan on continuing that path in the hopes that one day I can make music worth listening to.