Lego Technic Crane (#42009)


I have been a Lego fan for as long as I can remember. Those memories include having my Legos taken away because I left them out and my mom stepped on them, and even losing half of my Legos because my sister would cry and complain that I took her share (which I didn't).

That said, I was obligated to go see the new Lego movie yesterday. I'm not sure if it was a kids movie or not, or for that matter, whether or not I'm still a kid for still enjoying Legos so much. Regardless, I loved the movie and everyone should go see it.

Being an impulse buyer, and having an adrenoline rush from watching 1.5 hours of action packed Lego fun, the only natural place to go after such an epic movie is Toys 'R Us, and of course, buy the most expensive Lego set they had. Well, not quite, I didn't by their Mindstorm sets because I already have one. This time I bought the enormous Lego Tehnic Crane (#42009). The complexity and intricate detail of this beast made ever penny of the 230 dollars well worth it. It contains two gear boxes, side stabilizers, a fully functioning crane, and just about everything else you would imagine a crane having. All motorized! (6 Wii-mote batteries sacraficed their lives to see this creation come to life) Six manuals of fun.
I was also very happy/relieved when I managed to successfully assemble everything without having any gear/technial errors. I can only imagine the fury and difficulty that would ensue if you messed something in the gear box but didn't discover it until the end. Constant testing is key.

Note that this set has 2,606 pieces and if you are planning on sleeping you should start this around lunch time. I made the mistake of thinking this would take 2-3 hours. I am not sure quite where that estimation came from, but after being bent over for hours, searching for pieces, making stupid mistakes, and being sleep deprived, it ended up taking me 10.5 hours! I started at 1:30 AM. I did record the whole event and had a nice flow of Donkey Kong Country, Chrono Trigger, and Super Metroid music to ensure that I passed my DC 20 will and fortitude saves to persevere and finish.

Here is the 10.5 hour build video compressed into 30 min + random music. Well, apparently I violated copyright with the music so now it's muted :(

Here are some other random pictures of it's development.