Space Shooter Game Demo - C++ + SDL

game development c++

This page contains source code for a simple space shooter game written in C++ using the SDL library. There are no enemies or levels, but only a ship that shoots bullets. This is meant for a beginner who is interested in getting started with SDL for use of making games. (This will be an ongoing tutorial)

All source code can be found in the ZIP file Version Downloads with project files (All you really need is the source): Version 3: Enemies, Event Queue(timer based), explosions, bullet & enemy collision, some minor code fixes Version 2: Animated sprites, uses custom sprite class New to SDL? Start with Version 1 below Version 1: Project file for DevCpp (Windows) Version 1: Project file for Code::Blocks (Linux)

Also, for a Sprite class with rotations, animations, etc. Check out my ongoing Sprite library, also written in C++ using SDL SDL Sprite Library