Gameboy4j, Java Gameboy Emulator

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I feel a bit bad releasing this un-finished, but perhaps this will motivate me to finish up development on it. The core CPU emulator and Memory Model Unit (MMU) need to be tested more thoroughly but it can currently load ROMs and execute their instruction sets. The main, and most rewarding component left to program is the visualizer.

This project was largely motivated by the jsGB project from

The source code can be found here:

This is some sample output from running:

GameBoy gb = GameBoy.getInstance();
Loading BIOS...
Loading BIOS completed
ROM File 1048576 bytes
ROM loaded: 1048576 bytes.
7822015 ops/sec
12724251 ops/sec
12905008 ops/sec
12910843 ops/sec
12959852 ops/sec
12842966 ops/sec