Magus Map Maker - 2D Multilayer Map

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Note: for a more fully featured map maker, I would recommend using Tiled

This is just something I made a few years back to ease personal game development. Magus Map Maker is a 2D multilayer game map maker written in Purebasic.


  • Multiple Layers - make maps up to 3 layers plus an additional "attribute" layer used to store other information about the map tiles.
  • Load tilesets - Supports BMP,JPEG,PNG,TIFF,and TGA.formats.
  • Save/Load - After working hard on maps, easily save/load them. Also features a save to image feature, so that you can view your whole map in one image file.
  • Tilenator - This feature can turn a tilesheet into a directory of invidual tiles, and vice versa.
  • Help Files - Online help documentation to ease use.

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For more extensive documentation concerning Magus Map Maker refer to the online help files: Online Help

2D Tile Map Maker
2D Tile Map Maker 2D Tile Map Maker
2D Tile Map Maker 2D Tile Map Maker
2D Tile Map Maker


  • Kenny Cason
    Beta Testers
  • University of Arkansas Game Development Club