Boxxle in Swift

game development swift

Yesterday for the Arkansas Dev Hackathon I decided to try my hands at the Swift programming language. Fortunately I was able to find many online tutorials to slingshot my studies. As a programming language Swift is certainly a lot easier to use than Objective C and with almost no pain I was able to program a simple Hello World program with a ninja throwing shurikens at monsters! (Tutorial here)

All code can be found on my GitHub here

Simply touch in the direction you want to move. For example to move right, touch to the right of the character. I really tried hard not to use the Virtual D-Pad, per reading many blogs on mobile game design. :)

This clone features:

  1. 40 levels from the original Boxxle (GameBoy)
  2. Touch [next] to go to the next level
  3. Touch [reset] to reset the level in case you make a mistake
  4. Step counter for each level

This clone doesn't include:

  1. Level passwords
  2. Walking animations (I couldn't find the sprites)
  3. A real title screen

Below of some screenshots:

All credit goes to Nintendo who created the original Boxxle!