Ray Casting - Polygon Containment
Cellular Automata - Pokemon Type Battle Simulation
Cellular Automata - (Fire, Water, Grass)
Clay Bulbasaur
Sentiment Analysis - Improving Bayesian Methods
Genetic Algorithm to Draw Images
Wordpress Hack Fix - Google Redirects to Spam
Linear Gradient Descent
Linear Regression - Least-Squares Estimation
Soroban - Java MixFix Calculator
DataRank Whale Papier-mâché
Minesweeper LibGDX
LibGDX Game Controller
Work Bench
Boxxle in Swift
Kumo - Java Word Cloud
Acrylic Painting - Metroid
Acrylic Painting - Monster Worm
Deep Restricted Boltzmann Machine - Java
Monte-Carlo Method to Approximate PI
Flesch/Kincaid Readability Test
Gameboy4j, Java Gameboy Emulator
Lego Technic Crane (#42009)
12 Goals for 2014
Haskell Understanding Folds
Markov Chains - Java
Haskell SDL - Boxxle (GameBoy version)
Haskell - Neural Network Back-Error Propagation
Haskell - Project Euler
Haskell - Introduction
Ultimate TicTacToe
Minesweeper - Java Game Engine
Support Vector Machine / サポートベクターマシン / 支持向量机
Self-Organizing Map / 自己組織化写像 / 自組織映射網路
Project Euler - Java
Tank Game - Javascript
PHP - Currency Conversion
Legend of Zelda - Java Game Engine
PHP - Binary Bayesian Filter
P8 CPU Emulator - Java
Dynamic Programming - String Similarity
Dynamic Programming Local Alignment
PHP - Base 2, 8, 16, 62, N Conversion
PHP Timer Class
Java - Simple Smtp Mail Class
Java - Trie (Prefix Tree)
C++ - Minesweeper
PHP - Observer/Observable Design Pattern
PHP - Logger
PHP - Binary Tree
jXiangQi – Display a XiangQi(象棋) Game State/Animation (jGames)
jTicTacToe – Display a Tic Tac Toe Game State/Animation (jGames)
jShogi – Display a Shogi(将棋) Game State/Animation (jGames)
jOthello – Display a Othello Game State/Animation (jGames)
jGo – Display a Go(围棋) Game State/Animation (jGames)
jGames - display various games using jQuery
jChess - Display a Chess Game State/Animation (jGames)
jCheckers - Display a Checkers Game State/Animation (jGames)
Facebook - Find Who Deleted/Added You
John Conway's Game of Life - Windows/C++ (ASCII)
TicTacToe - C (procedural style)
Vector ND - C++
Brain Fuck (Programming Language) – minor variant
LinkedList - C
PHP Mail Class - Send HTML Mail / Attachments
Vector 3D structure with Operation overloads and basic functions - C++
Ackermann–Péter function (2 arguments) - C/C++ - Recursive Implentation
Simulation Program (Motivated by John Conway's Game of Life) - C/C++
Is Prime Number Algorithm
John Conway's Game of Life + Mutation (C/C++)
Neural Network (Back-Error Propagation) C++
Graph 3D (Vector Rotation Source Included) C++
SDL - Simple Space Shooter Game Demo
3D Cube Engine - Java
4D Maze - (Java)
Thog Problem
4D Rotation Matrix - Graph 4D
C++ Dynamic Memory Allocation (2D and 3D)
SDL Sprite Class in C++
Rubik's Cube - 2D Implementation - Java
Neural Network - Back-Error Propagation - Java
Multi-Linked List (Graph) - Java
Magus Map Maker - 2D Multilayer Map
3D Rotation Matrix - Graph 3D
Vulcan I - Purebasic
Send SMS Messages to Every Cell Phone in America
Pong - Purebasic
Neural Networks - Simple Models (PDF)
Creating Multi-lingual Webpages using PHP
Breakout - Purebasic
Blocks - Tetris Clone - Purebasic
Logical Method for Solving the 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube