Kenny Cason .com
Software Engineer & Entrepreneur
Seattle WA
About Me
I like to constantly learn and enjoy being around other enthusiastic people who take pride in their field. I enjoy applying computer science to problems in various fields. Particularly, I enjoy studying machine learning, game development, and natural language processing.
Professional Experience
Principal Engineer
Dec 2015 - Present
- Merged DataRank with Simply Measured to accelerate growth and help win a bigger market.
- Integrate DataRank technologies with Simply Measured technologies to build a next generation analytics engine.
CTO / Co-founder
Aug 2011 - Dec 2016
- DataRank™ provides an easy to use integrated analytics dashboard for analyzing all of the online conversations about your brands and competitors.
- Helped build company from 3 people to 18 people.
- Consistently grew company at a predictable and maintainable rate.
- Successfully entered and graduated from Y-Combinator.
- Helped to design and engineer a state-of-the art Social Data search/analytics engine.
Lockheed Martin, Missile Defense National Team B (Crystal City, VA)
Software Engineer I
Jun 2010 - Aug 2011
- Develop and deploy software to test functionality of key components within Global Engagement Manager software in Java
Systems Testing/Analysis (internship)
May - Aug 2008
Software Engineer (internship)
May - Aug 2007
Software Engineer (internship)
May - Aug 2009
- Developed Unix scripts to assist in the testing of software using sh, awk, groovy, and other common Unix tools.
- Developed software intended to coordinate an automated response to a ballistic missile attack against the United States and allies.
Y Combinator
Aug 2013
B.S., Computer Science University of Arkansas
May 2010
Minor, Mathematics University of Arkansas
May 2010
Minor, Japanese Business University of Arkansas
Aug 2008
Study Abroad, Osaka, Japan Kansai University of Foreign Languages. (関西外国語大学)
Aug 2007 - Apr 2008
As an undergraduate at the University of Arkansas:
University of Arkansas Game Development Club (UAGDC)
Aug 2004 - May 2010
- Developed computer game software as a member, and eventually president, of the UAGDC, using primarily C++ and various gaming libraries(allegro, SDL, Ogre3D) as well as Java and basic.
Military Past and Present on Campus (MPPOC)
Aug 2004 - May 2010
- Webmaster and officer, aided in rasing funds for veteran students on campus.
Technical Proficiencies
Languages: Java, Kotlin, C/C++, PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Python, Ruby, UNIX shell scripting, MatLab, Perl, MySQL, Haskell, x86/68K Assembly
Technologies: Elasticsearch, Storm, Hadoop (HBase, Map/Reduce, HDFS), Spring, Antlr, Git, SVN, Maven, IntelliJ, Eclipse, VI
Focus: Search, Matching, Machine Learning, Distributed Computing, Data Pipelines, Mathematics
Language Proficiencies
Japanese: High Proficiency. Plan to take highest level proficiency exam (日本語能力試験一級). Skills with business Japanese, including honorifics systems (敬語).
Mandarin Chinese: High Proficiency. Use everyday. Plan to take the highest level Proficiency exam (中国汉语水平考试(HSK)高级).
Military Experience
United States Marine Corps Reserve (USCMR)
Aug 2004 - 2007
- Small Arms Repair Technician School (Armory School)
- Job Responsibilities - security and maintenance to ordnance, ensure operational safety by teaching classes to other Marines while maintaining a SECRET CLEARANCE.
Honors, Awards, and Other Achievements
- Chinese Speech Contest - (Advanced Business) – 3rd Place (2010), (Elementary) - 1st Place (2006)
- Japanese Speech Contest - Runner Up (2005)
- Meritorious Mast. Top graduate of Armory School. USMCR (2005)